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Here at Intrim Fitness Centre we believe that your success should be shared! No matter how big or small! Either way you will have worked for it and you deserve everyone to know your hard work and dedication has paid off and you have got to where you want to be with your fitness/physique.
If you have achieved anything since you start Intrim Fitness please we beg you, don't be shy get us told about your story and we will make sure people can see how well you've done. 
Now please take a look at all your success!
Thank You!



This is Sam Grima, Sam has just entered the well known Physique Of The Week comp online! Sam has achieved what he once thought would be impossible. He put a lot of effort and dedication into all his training and dieting. His body fat was measured at a outstanding 7%. Sam says that he is very excited to continue doing these sort of shoots in the new year! 
Well done Sam, Click on the photo to vote for Sam!

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